Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Reading Challenge

I have posted a picture of the list of book categories for the reading challenge I am participating in this year already. I have talked about some of the books I have already completed and even shared a few that are waiting to be read. I am excited to be doing this challenge but I did not anticipate that with the rest of life it would become so challenging.

I noticed the challenge posted at the end of 2014 and decided to give it a try for last year. I came up with a list of books that would fit the different categories. I went to stalk the shelves of my closest library as well as a few bookstores to gather the books I needed. Once I had everything set I began reading the books and checking off the categories though after just ten books I stalled.

Part of the halt was the book I was reading, The Count of Monte Cristo. To this day I have not finished that book though because of that I am using it as my book I started but never finished. I am determined to make it through the challenge this year but when I stopped reading my fun books and tried to read a non-fiction book to learn something that would help me in building my business I struggled and have stopped temporarily.

I have the next couple of books ready to go but I really wanted to finish learning the information in order to be able to help promote my books better and when my next books come out I will be able to send them higher and higher on best seller lists. I want to be able to help my own stories reach further  and grow my reader base not to mention I want to find a way to better communicate and interact with my friends and fans.

I need to get better at finding a way to fit everything in because it is important as a writer to not only make time to write as well edit but to have time to practice things like queries and synopses, learn ways to grow and build myself and my brand but as a writer it is vital to make time to read and stay versed in what is happening in the market and to keep finding inspiration.

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