Monday, February 1, 2016

Excerpt from Sharing Strength

She looked past them making direct eye contact. There were no words spoken aloud but the communication was clear. He was her hero. She knew how he felt and she returned his affection. They would deal with the verbal part later. He smiled weakly at her. He needed to give her time with her family though the feeling passing between them made it impossible for him to move. “I am so sorry it took us so long to get here sweetheart.”

Georgia leaned down to kiss Jasmine’s forehead in the same spot he had done hours ago. Hours. He had been there longer than he had intended. To emphasize the point a nurse brushed in past him to give Jasmine some medication through her IV and quietly told her parents that visiting hours were over but they could have a few minutes with her and could come back in the morning. Kyle looked at his phone for the time. It was after eleven and he noticed he had a few missed text messages from Brian. He wondered where Kyle was and was being passive aggressive in his messages. Kyle wondered why he hadn’t noticed his phone vibrating but assumed it because he had been caught up with the current situation.

He cleared his throat finding his voice again. “I should get going. Brian has been waiting for awhile and I am sure I will get my head chewed off for not coming over earlier to help him with his car.”

“Thank you for helping me and don’t worry I will be ok. I appreciate you waiting with me. Brian will be ok I promise.” Jasmine did her best to smile reassuringly. It was a difficult task between the tubes and monitors hooked up to her body and the sedation drugs running through her system but he knew she was doing her best. His stomach rumbled reminding him to grab some food on the way to Brian’s. He looked back over his shoulder once more at Jasmine. She was fading fast but for the first time she looked content. Nothing could be more important than being there to see that. He felt his own body lighten from worry as he headed out the door and toward Brian’s house ready to deal with whatever he had in store for him.

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