Monday, February 8, 2016

Excerpt From Breathe

His snap movements were making her very uncomfortable and she excused herself to make copies of his ID and the check while he filled out the forms. She wished she needed more copies of something from anywhere else in the bank just to give her more time before going back to this odd young man but alas not the case. She cautiously came back to find he was standing back behind the chair engaged in something on his phone.
“Is everything ok?” She stayed standing as long as he did making sure not to put herself at any disadvantage. When he didn’t respond she repeated, “I said is everything alright?”
“Yeah yeah, it’s all good,” he exclaimed. “I filled it all out, just telling my friend I am almost done here. We are almost done right?”
“You filled all of it out already?” She wasn’t gone that long and while it was only a couple forms it was still awfully quick to have gotten it all done.
“Uh huh,” he mumbled. “You need the cash now?” He looked up again.
“Let me take a look and get it all in the computer for you and then we can do the deposit.” She grabbed the papers and practically ran for the manager’s office. There was a computer at the front desk  and bank policy was to have the customer there when everything was input but she decided today was a good day for an override on that policy. This was not the way she had planned to get through the day.

She dropped into the large leather chair and entered the guy’s information as fast as her fingers would allow. She looked back out at the lobby floor and noticed he had moved over and seemed to be flirting with Naomi. She was smiling weakly but had scooted back from her counter. Clearly she had the same feeling about the unusual young man.

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