Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Profile - Full Dark, No Stars

This is the first book I have picked out on my reading challenge list from one of my all time favorite authors Stephen King. Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of four shorter stories, if you consider one hundred plus pages and short story, with four in total. I love the stories though because I became aware while reading each one that I had read them before but I loved them so much I reread each one eagerly. It had been a long time since I had read any of them that I was thrilled to refresh each story.

1922 - This is the story of Wilfred and Arlette James. She is the pushy wife holding land her father left her over her husband's head to try and make him leave the farming life and move her to the city where she feels she deserves to be and the events that ensue following their battle over their way of life and their future.

Big Driver -  Tess is a small town mystery writer that accepts a last minute speaking engagement not far from her home. She has no idea that by accepting help with a shortcut she will experience the most longest and most horrifying night of her life. She questions if she will be able to survive and see her home again and even if she does how will she move forward with her life?

Fair Extension - This is the shortest of the four stories in the book and while it is well written it could have been lengthened in a few areas. This story follows Harry Streeter a man diagnosed with cancer and just trying to make it through his last months with some peace. He meets a man that offers to give him an extension of his life but only if he is willing to pass the misfortune onto another who in this case happens to be his best friend from childhood. He must also pay a fifteen percent annual fee from his salary. He doesn't believe in the deal though he makes it and heads home. He must then come to terms with the fact that he has either just amused himself for awhile but is still going to die or he has passes a horrible purse onto someone he has known all his life.

Good Marriage - The final story in Full Dark, No Stars is all about how well we know the person we are married to. What kind of person are they and what deep dark secrets could they be hiding? What would you do if you found out that the one you loved was a monster? Would you cover for them or turn them in? How would you live with yourself either way? This was my favorite story in the entire book because it made me ask these questions and more.

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