Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Excerpt - Chocolate Covered Cherries

            The space was perfect for Jessica to build her dreams. She was starting over and she just knew walking in to the building that this was going to be the spot she could call her own. It wasn’t a house or an apartment, it was a storefront. She was going to open her treats store and make something of herself. She just needed a name.
Jessica Wyland was new to Lynwood and had been looking for a place for a few weeks. She had found it and was thrilled. Partially because she was nearly positive that there weren’t many locations she hadn’t toured already. It was a small town and while she had never thought of herself as a small town girl she felt at home immediately upon arriving.
She walked around the two rooms lightly dragging her fingertips across the dusty surfaces. It wasn’t very large but it would be enough for her. She could picture the oven along one wall with a decorating table in front. She would put shelves and cabinets up along the back for all of her supplies, then on the side opposite the oven would be the refrigerator, blast chiller and maybe a few more storage pieces.
Wandering into the front she stood with her hands on her hips gazing at the covered display windows. She could see herself using the glass markers to draw fun designs during the holidays. She already pictured the tables of desserts beckoning in potential clients. She even saw the small area set up on the side next to the register for doing consultations.
“So what are we thinking?” Mary Loster, the real estate agent, asked patiently. When they first started looking she had been very enthusiastic at each new store but now she was just waiting to see if Jessica could be satisfied.
            “It is perfect Mary!” Jessica was finally happy.
            “Really?” Mary was taken aback. She had already checked a list of additional locations to take Jessica to later that afternoon. She couldn’t believe her ears. This place had been on the market for a few months and most others that had looked at it just felt it was slightly too cramped for their companies. Jessica on the other hand worked with smaller items so this was a good match for her.

            “Yes. It is absolutely what I have been looking for. I can picture where everything will go and I just know the location is going to be ideal!” Jessica was gushing. She didn’t care. For the first time since she had returned to the United States she felt like things were going the way she had planned.

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