Sunday, February 14, 2016

Focusing Through The Mental Clutter

Like most authors I know I have several ideas working all the time in my head. This is not a bad things necessarily. It just means that I will never win out of books to write, though they like to get in each other's way from time to time. I am experiencing that right now. I have a plan in place but I have characters from other stories screaming to get my attention as well as new ideas cropping up all the time doing their best to cut in line.

I am working very hard to finish Sharing Strength which is an emotional and important journey for me to take and I hope my readers enjoy the story once I complete it. Once I cross the finish line with Sharing Strength I have a romance called Chocolate Covered Cherries which is the first in a series that has been patiently biding its time in the wings. I am not a big fan of traditional romance stories so I think that is why the characters haven't been too pushy on that one.

Once I have completed the drafts of these two I need to do some major editing on five total books, Sharing Strength, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Breathe, Welcome to Syn and Voices In My Head. I am looking forward very much to the editing and revising aspect but the though of a few of these books has awaked characters from them that are involved in series and want the next book written instead. Lucasta Syntel and Amanda Perella are the worst ones for this.

Lucasta is the oldest daughter of Persyphone Syntel from the Welcome to Syn series and she is itching to have some fun with her newly discovered powers reeking havoc over the men that hurt her and her family. Amanda on the other hand is the daughter of Chelsea Perella from Voice In My Head and is the sequel in the two book series. Both are books on the roster for this year but now until I finish the current works in progress and the editing. I also have research to do for the Syn series, another book for this year, Mother Said No and two new projects inspired by the city of Pioche, NV.

I am thrilled to have so many characters talking and so much inspiration but right now I am even happier that I have a clear and written plan to follow so I can stay on track. I am determined to get everything finished this year no matter how much I have to fight the distractions in my head!

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