Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marketing Tip - Book Trailers

Visuals are extremely powerful for the sake of getting the attention of a target audience. No matter what it is you are selling the visuals are very often far more powerful that simply explaining why you feel your product is superior. There is a classic saying "Telling isn't selling". Basically it is more effective to show someone something and let them sell themselves on it than push all the benefits and try to convince them to want it.

This is why we as authors will do cover reveals and try to have covers for our books that capture the eye and pull the reader in with a strong sense of curiosity. We post teasers and make advertisements that are colorful and bold doing what we can to appeal to the visual sense of our fans. Part of advertising is finding new and interesting ways to reach your audience and with the development of sites like youtube has come the creation of yet another form of promotion, book trailers.

Think of the last time you watched a show on television. When the commercial breaks happened you most likely saw ads for grocery stores, perhaps the cable company of a new and improved product either emerging or reentering the marketplace. You probably also saw a few commercials for some movies or television shows on the network you were watching. Did they interest you? Were you intrigued enough to look at movie times of consider setting a reminder or your dvr to check out the new show? Book trailers can do exactly the same thing for you story.

This is one of the ideas I most want to incorporate especially when I get my website finished. I have only three books published currently but I am working on several more and like movies I would create two to three small clips to grab my readers for each of my books. Once you have the trailers made you can of course share them through social media and personal websites but with strategic partnerships you can help reach a far greater audience through their sharing and use of sites like Youtube which can with viral videos especially get millions of views within minutes. Using this technology wisely can boost your visibility and sales tremendously when combined with other parts of your advertising campaign.

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