Saturday, October 31, 2015

Visibility On The Web

I have talked a lot about promoting through social media in the past. It is the largest known and easily created form of marketing in our current digital world. There are so many forms of social media now though that it can be difficult to keep up on. Between Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Periscope, Linked In, Instagram just to name a few, plus there are blogs everywhere online it can be nearly impossible for people to follow and worse for anyone to create.

I have Twitter, Facebook and a blog. On Facebook I have my personal page, my author page and a dedicated page for my charity series. I do my best to keep relevant and updated posts on each of my pages while making sure I put up something interesting on blog my blog and twitter at least once per day. I fall short often but I am doing my best and I believe I am getting better. My biggest challenge most days is coming up with new ideas to post or information to share. I forget I have Twitter half the time, only posting when I am reminded by the app on my phone.

One thing that can help make it easier to follow as well as update would be to have everything centralized. The best way to bring all of these different types together would be a website. By creating a website an author can include biography and contact information, blurbs and purchase links for their work, and of course tabs that allow a reader to access all the different forms of social media that the author is a part of.

I am working on creating a website though sadly I am woefully ill equipped to do so on my own. I have begun speaking with a few different web designers that I know and I have gotten a lot of advice but still working on how to put everything together. From what information to include to the artistic presentation there are several aspects that need to be considered. Even more important for me is the ease of use for a somewhat technologically challenged person like myself. I need to be able to update and edit whatever is loaded onto the site. I also want to be able to put up special events and sales that I participate in with my writing and share blog posts that I create or take part in with other authors.

I have a lot to learn about creating websites but one of the things I do know is that having one can be vital for improving readers' ability to find you and your work so it is at the top of the priority list for marketing right now.

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