Saturday, October 3, 2015

Book Promotion - Behind Closed Doors

This weekend is the online launch event for four books dedicated to raising money and awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence. I do have a book involved in the event and I will be profiling it in the coming weeks but closer to the live half of the launch event. Today I wanted to showcase Behind Closed Doors by my strong, brave and inspiring friend and co-organizer Kate Marie Robbins. Here is the synopsis for her book.

Life in a small town is always the same. 

Everyone knows everyone else's business. This is the world that Ivy Martin grew up in. Her life was far from perfect. Bullied mercilessly in high school. All she wanted was to leave the town and all the cruel kids behind and start a new life. 

But when she goes to the annual graduation party things take a turn for the worse. One of her only male friends, Landon takes advantage of her, leaving her feeling dirty and used. 

College wasn't any different. The kids are just as cruel. Then she meets a man and hopes that her luck had finally changed, but Daven isn't who Ivy thought he was. And before she knows what is happening she's trapped in an abusive relationship with almost no way to escape. Isolated from her friends and family, she has nowhere to turn. 

This is one woman's story of the devastating heart break that domestic abuse can bring.

Please check it out and help support the cause of Domestic Abuse Awareness. Together we can stop this tragedy and make the world a better, safer place.

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