Monday, October 26, 2015

Pushing The Limits

Since we are less than a week away from my favorite holiday of the year, halloween, I can think of little else. I look forward every year to giving out the candy to trim or treaters. I enjoy the scary movies that always come out this time of year and of course I love to dress up. While I was carving pumpkins today I was actually thinking about what I wanted to wear as a costume. Last year I wore a very risqué play boy bunny costume but I did it because I used to be so heavy and I hVe worked hard to be proud of my own body.

I had been planning to do a belly dancer costume this year but I ran out of time to gather all of the items I would need so I was telling a friend that I would probably just wear the bunny costume again. She urged me to be more creative and try something new. That got me thinking about other things I have that cold be used for different costumes. It also got me thinking about my writing. The advice is solid for either situation.

Last year I wrote a suspense fantasy with an erotic twist for nano but I was very timid on everything other than the drama. Thinking about my friend's advice though I am considering stepping up the suspense and the eroticism when I go back to do the edits and rewrites. Both are extremely outside my comfort zone but that is the point. How can we grow if we continue to stay with the same old same old? So I am determined to keep pushing the limits.

I am also getting ready for nano this year and I will be working on my first thriller. This is also a departure from the norm for me but I am going to do my best to not allow my own hesitations to restrict my writing this year. I am hoping to put out something that those who are familiar with my previous writing would enjoy but at the same time will take them on a journey they would never expect.

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