Monday, October 12, 2015

Character Profile - Charlie Greene

In my upcoming romance Chocolate Covered Cherries a lot of attention is paid to Jessica Maynard the main character and chocolatier that opens the dessert store but it wouldn't be a romance without someone to fall in love with her however. There are number of issues that stand in their way from miscommunications to her secrets in her past. Jessica is a very private person.

Charlie has lived in his small town his entire life. His father worked for the post office and he becomes a postman as well. He loses his parents in his early twenties and all he wants is to find someone to spend his life with that completes his family. He meets Jessica one day as he delivers some mail to her apartment. She is running out and he happens to glance at the letters and junk mail she is receiving. There is one from Paris and as she is leaving he notices all of the boxes by the door. He is smitten immediately but brokenhearted because he knows from the moving boxes and letters from overseas that she is leaving.

Later though he discovers that she actually just moved in. She is opening a dessert store and he starts stopping by and asking about it during his route. He sends people by as referrals but one day as he is making his regular deliveries he sees one of the women referred to Jessica by himself and another woman he notices that while she remains professional there is a definite edge to her demeanor.

He follows her afterward and tries it to comfort her but they find themselves now deeply immersed in her secrets as well as the constant miscommunications between them. She is extremely insecure and he cannot help but wonder if she will ever feel comfortable enough to trust in him and be a part of a couple again. She does eventually begin to trust in them at least somewhat but she still has one big secret and he can feel her hiding something.

Will she ever be able to admit to everything or will he take his heart and run before it can be broken beyond repair? Find out in Chocolate Covered Cherries.

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