Friday, October 2, 2015

Dedicated Pages

In keeping with the theme form last week about social media marketing I thought I would focus on another aspect I learned about nearly two years ago now, dedicated pages for businesses and events. Of course I knew they existed but I had no idea what it took to create or maintain one. It wasn't until my publisher suggested that I go ahead and make an author page that I even became aware that it was something other then a trend for celebrities and businesses. It took nearly no time at all to create one but the upkeep has proven to be a far greater learning experience than expected.

Once I had established my author page and attempted to get into the habit of posting not only to my personal but now also my professional page I used it to promote things that were strictly related to my writing. It is where the links to my book could be found as well as updates on where live events were, online events, though they are few and far between for me to host as well as what projects I was currently working on.

It is also the page I use to promote my blog posts as I share them around the social media world. it was just a  few short months into the publishing endeavor when I chose to begin my journey with charity books. I then immediately made a page for the charitable series Rescue Me in order to solicit stories and keep contributors and benefiting organizations updated on progress. it is extremely slow going right at the moment and one of the pages I have fought with more often than not but I am moving forward slowly.

It can be tempting to make a page for each of your projects with character profiles, excerpts and quotes along with cover reveals and release events but it can become very overwhelming it should be done tastefully. for a website having tabs with links to each individual book is fine but for Facebook or Twitter it should be kept to a minimum. Make sure to update your followers but do not overload them and try to stay on topic. That was something I was having issues with until I developed this schedule so I can keep on top of what I do each day. Long story short it is important to find a balance when it comes to the dedicated updates and general information.

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