Monday, October 5, 2015

Character Profile - Chelsea Perella

One of the characters vying for attention for Nanowrimo in just a few short weeks is the main character of my new thriller. I had been talking with a few friends about the fact that my current books, excluding Survivor, are much lighter and have happier endings. It was never intentional to create stories with positive endings I simply followed the directions I was given by my characters. Still, the conversation got me wondering, do I have what it takes to write something darker?

I meditated on the subject for awhile and as I considered trying to create either a drama with a darker ending or a thriller of some kind. I always have enjoyed reading more emotional or dramatic stories so I imagined I would be able to create one. I took on the first book in my Syn series last year which definitely has a more sinister side to it. I also have my novella Survivor which is one of the most emotional stories I have ever told. But this year if I do not write the second book in the Syn series than I will be connecting with Chelsea to write my first thriller.

Chelsea Perella is a best selling author living in New England. She has an ex husband and a daughter that she rarely has any contact with. Her ex could not handle her work or the time she dedicated to it so he left her when their daughter was very young. He did his best to convince the girl that her mother chose work over her even though Chelsea loved her daughter entirely. She tried for years to keep in touch but her ex would intercept their communications until both gave up.

Chelsea threw herself into her work and following a tour she does a series of interviews where she tells one of the reporters that she simply does what the voices in her head tell her to do. She gets home and goes through her files from the recent book tour before organizing information for a new book. She is well known for romance and drama stories but when she goes to bed the first night home her dreams are haunted by a man that refuses to go away. There is something intriguing about him so she decides to put him in as a mysterious hero for her book.

As she gets to know more about him though she discovers he is anything but a hero. He is dark. He is not only mysterious but he is out for blood. Chelsea knows she has to write him out of her story in order to rescue the other characters as well as the story as a whole. She tries to get rid of him because deep down he truly scares her. Yet whenever she tries to remove him she gets terrible migraines or sick in some way. Chelsea goes to doctors to attempt to understand what is happening to her. They find concerns and decide on a course of treatment.

As Chelsea undergoes the doctor's orders though she notices her character continues to haunt her dreams and she begins to wonder just how far he really can reach.

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