Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Idea, New Inspiration

I have been away from my blog for awhile but I have still been trying to be productive. I have been writing and revising when I can. I worked with my trainer at the gym to create a quick and highly effective exercise regiment. I am even redesigning my office to be more conducive to writing. I have several files currently sitting on my desk and when I get everything set up tomorrow I will be able to access what I am working on much easier.

Thinking about my files I am always surprised by how many projects I have. Not only the ones currently in the works of which I currently have nine, four charity books, four novels and a short story I am working to expand, but also the ones waiting in the wings to be written next. Along with creating files on my computer I always keep a file folder full of notes, song lists, pictures and a checklist of information for each book I am working on or planning to in the near future. It helps to have the ability to grab an outline and the checklist in case I am able to capture some information I can use at a later time.

Today as I was driving to to work I had to grab a notepad to jot down ideas for yet another book idea. I was listening to the radio and hit the scan button. A station I rarely play came on and a song was playing that had a hardcore beat and very strong lyrics. While I enjoy loving romantic songs with sensual melodies I found the raw sexuality of the song enticing. It made my mind wander to other songs that have had that effect on me and I realized that there are several song when i listen to them either the lyrics or the music, sometimes both, have a carnal magnetism that I can feel running through my veins.

This sensation is what triggered the need for the notepad. I was struck by the idea to create a playlist of these songs and let the desire flow. I plan to use the inspiration and the sexual energy to try my hand at my first erotica. I have done clean romance novels before but I have been dabbling with darker genres such as suspense, drama, thriller and now I would like to work on using the animal level of sexual desire to create an intriguing tale. I have never been so explicit in my writing opting instead for romance and clean scenes but I am still working to push myself to try new things and see where my voice ends up taking me.

It got me wondering, do others continue to push themselves argots stay in a happy home of comfortable genres? Is music as much of an inspiration for others to create as it is for me? And most of all when trying new genres or ideas how much do you emerge yourself in what you are writing about and how much is either research or imagination?

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