Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

While I am a writer and that means the world to me, I am also a casino dealer in my daytime life. This is the job that pays the bills and I enjoy it immensely. Last year for a March anthology all about luck I put together a simple playful poem about luck and a tip of the cap tribute to my alter ego of dealer. I hope everyone enjoys it and has a great St. Patty's Day!

I Deal In Luck

He walked up to roulette
And laid the money down
The crowd looked on in interest
Watching without a sound

The dealer made the change
And slid the chips back
He took a big chance
And put it all on black

The ball spun quickly
Shortly after it began to drop
Everyone held their breath
Until it came to a stop

Seventeen caught it
It nearly jumped out but it stayed
The audience cheered
As his bet was paid

He gathered his chips
It was now quite a stack
Then made his way over
To play some blackjack

He went all in on one hand
As up came an ace
Those rooting him on applauded
When the next card had a face

Finally he made his way to my table
Prepared to wager it all
He smiled at the man rolling
He was having a ball

The dice rolled across the layout
Ricocheted  back and fell
The stickman called the number
And from his grin you could tell

He had come for the chance
Now the cashier called his name
He had the time of his life
Every game was his game

He winked as he tipped the dealers
Gave a high five while he colored up
I knew my job had a happy ending that night

Every day I deal in Luck

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