Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lacking Motivation

My plans for the day have been changed due to the unexpected dying of the battery on my car. I had the itinerary prepared for the DMV, hitting the gym, running a few errands and straightening the house before retiring to the office for some dedicated writing time. With the change in plans I find that my mind has also wandered and is no longer focusing making completing the parts of the day I am still able to much more difficult.

I can still straighten the ouse though I seem to be exhausted even though I did sleep somewhat well. I am able to change my office around if I want but cannot find the motivation for the project. And of course I can easily sit and write but the characters are silent under protest to the change in my timeline. I badly need to finish revising Breathe and get survivor on the active project list. I need to create my list of agents for submission once Breathe is ready to go. I want to finally complete the first draft of Sharing Strength and I am truly looking forward to a few of my upcoming projects as well.

In order to move from one book to the next I am trying desperately to finish them as I go instead of a chapter here and a few new pages there but it seems all I can do right now is lay on the couch and nap or read. It is so frustrating because I am honestly excited about getting to the new books, especially this new erotic tale of revenge and romance. I am creating a playlist to go along with it and though I had planned to work on other books first this one is quickly moving to the front of the line.

I just need the motivation I am so clearly lacking to find me and stick around for awhile. Breathe needs to get done so that I can submit it to the agents because I believe it has a decent chance of finding acceptance and while I enjoy being an indie author being traditionally published has always been a dream of mine. Sharing Strength is another that I think can make it in the traditional world but for my erotica and my thriller I may stick with indie publishing. I am undecided where to go with Welcome to Syn but it is fun and I am looking forward to the continuing adventures of the Syntel sisters.

Today however is just about motivating myself to accomplishing something so I am posting a picture from when I first moved to Las Vegas and was writing in my messy office. I am hoping the the visual of myself busy creating will inspire the same actions for the day. What do you do to inspire yourself to accomplish your goals?

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