Thursday, March 5, 2015

Learning About My New Project

I have been doing the domestic thing today. I ran a few errands, cleaned up the house and made my way to the gym for a difficult but effective workout. I came home and helped make dinner before going out for a fun date night with my boyfriend. Now as I am sitting here beginning today's blog post I can feel the writer fighting to come out.

All day I have been feeding the other sides of me. I am thrilled to be able to indulge my alternate personalities but now as the night falls and the creative juices being to flow I find that all I can focus on is the erotic new dark novel I was considering yesterday. Just as I settled down my brain came alive letting me in on a few details I was unaware of previously.

I have learned in the past couple of hours that the main character is a woman that fell in love with a man that broke her heart and in the process of revenge slept with a man that actually cared for her. When he discovered that she had merely used him he finds a way to curse her causing her to become a siren exiled to the ocean. She is in fact part water nymph and can only maintain her human side by seducing men and stealing their life essence.

She is bent on finding the man that cursed her. Her name eludes me as does her ultimate accomplishment in the story. I have not connected with the men in the story yet either but I can feel everything about her. She is in deep pain, first from the broken heart and then from the curse. She feels an erotic yearning that she fights hard to keep under control yet at the same time it is also has to keep her human side alive. The nymph should be a peaceful side but it threatens to overpower her human half and pull her away into the sea forever. While she was in love and believed she was loved back her heart was strong and she was able to stay human but when he discovered her true nature and left her she fell apart.

She now is fighting a losing battle against her water side and must find true love before she loses control and in turn loses herself. She may be a beautiful siren but she wants so much more. She wants to gain her revenge and make her human half the dominant part of her. In order for any of that to happen she must find someone that truly loves her before there is nothing left to love. I cannot wait to learn more about her.

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