Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finding My Genre Home

I have many friends that write in the sic fi / fantasy genre. It is a very popular genre and I know not only several writers but more readers of this particular category than perhaps any other. While I find it greatly intriguing to have the ability to form your own world, I have always preferred writing realistic fiction.

I enjoy taking a place I have either visited or want to visit and sharing it with my characters and the rest of the world. My characters are created and like most writers they speak to me and share their lives but they are in fact created. I have never claimed that one genre is better or worse than another though at times I definitely feel that whatever the current popular genre is gets a preference that can cause other genres to be looked upon as less important.

I have written a drama and a charity book that I am immensely proud of but I am still finding my home. I have written a historical fantasy with elements of witchcraft. I have two romance novels and a drama written about a mental disorder. I also have a short story right now that is about domestic abuse based on a true story.

I am always trying to branch out and create something that forces me to push the limits of my own creativity. I have only been seriously working on my writing for a few years and while I have known it is something I am passionate about for many years I am still in the early part of my creative career. I am still learning so many aspects and finding a genre to call my home.

I know many successful authors write in several genres simultaneously as well as write books that can cross category lines. It is my goal to reach that level at some point but there are bound to be some genres I am more comfortable as well as more talented at creating so that is what I am seeking now, my home. I want to find a genre that I can create a number of works within and hopefully eventually build a loyal readership. 

While I search I am hoping that I will eventually make attempts in most of not all of the different styles of books and that includes sic fi and fantasy. For now though I am enjoying realistic fiction and exploring as I gently push the envelope with each new attempt.

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