Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dream Love - Example of my older poetry

My heart beats, my breath shudders
At this expressive moment’s pass
My body tingles, my eye lids flutter
I know this dream will never last

As down I lay, and dreams may come
To fill my sleeping mind
Alone I drift, through the unconscious sea
Until home again I find

My moment is now, as it always is
To prove my life so true
For tomorrow may never come
And this my last moment with you

Then let us lay arm in arm
And hold each other tight
Letting passion over take us
We shall make love all through the night

I feel your tender touch
Your lips upon mine
We shall live forever in this moment
We will exist only in this time

Whispered words, a gentle caress
And impassioned thoughts abound
Raising us up in this mystical world
We are soaring high above the ground

But suddenly our moment is over
I feel myself slip away
Morning has come and again I awake
To the light of a new dawning day

But my body does remember
It’s a feeling I cannot deny
Remember me for now my love
Soon again we will try

I will return to bed and dream of you
Again in the fading light
May this new dream last forever

And we stay together always in the night

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