Saturday, April 30, 2016

Writing Everyday

I have already written about the need for more time and the fact that prioritizing for optimum productivity is a must. in order to be a success at any profession though it has to, of course, be one of those priorities. I am an author. Writing is in my blood. I wake up thinking about it, dream about it and get distracted during other activities focusing on it instead. I have all the ambition in the world but I struggle with the follow through. It is a priority but I have a terrible habit of letting it slip down a few rungs when something shiny and new enters the picture.

I am a true child at heart and that is complete with the insane amount of distractions that fill my life daily. Most adults I know have distractions as well but have methods of tuning them out or filing them away for later. I just add to the pile of overwhelming stuff already on my plate and keep going. I jump from project to project then complain when I never get to officially cross anything off the to do list. Oh, and speaking of the list, it is never ending. Not just because I am doing eleven things at once making completion slightly more difficult but also because overtime I feel accomplished and cross something off I find three new ones to add on at the bottom.

I have a day job, as do most beginning writers. I am significantly older than many writers at my stage if you are to believe the ages of those on social media but that has not deterred my dreams or my focus. If anything I have the same passion with a great deal more experience. My biggest issue is making a dedicated effort to write everyday. I can do something writing related nearly everyday and that is a start. However when it comes to opening up the document and sitting down to add words to the story I am definitely still at amateur status.

I edit, or write a post for my blog most days. I read through writing related posts on social media and yes I often open another window to look up something that was being discussed that I didn't totally understand. I recently looked up a word regarding a genre of books thinking it probably had nothing to do with what I write or read and came to find out one of the books from my reading challenge this year was in the genre and I had really enjoyed it. I am learning each and everyday but I am still learning to make time for the most important aspect, writing.

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