Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Journaling / Blogging

One of the first thing that I was told to do when I started in my publishing journey was to start a blog or online journal. I had never had one before and could not imagine what I would possibly have to say that people would care to follow. The fact that now a year later I still only have one follower and no idea how to gain more implies I still have a lot to learn. I am fine with that because at least I am trying.

It started as just exactly what it sounds like, a journal I wrote and put up online in case anyone actually was interested. I struggled very quickly to keep coming up with topics though and that stumped me as to how to go on. I started reading about different topics other people covered and did my best to find subjects I could intelligently discuss however I once again ran out of ideas quickly. It was only about six months ago that I was chatting with a friend and he suggested that perhaps I should try creating a schedule and posting it then follow that as a template so I always had a guide as to what I should be writing about.

That worked for awhile, I did character profiles on Mondays, submission tips on Tuesdays, book profiles on Wednesdays, Thursdays were for something about my writing that had been happening that week, Fridays I would put up marketing tips and a little more about me and my writing on Saturdays. I have had to do research to come up with enough marketing and submitting tips but my real struggles came with the profiles. I only have three books of my own to share and the characters are limited so I have been helping to review and promote books I read and that my friends write that I want to help share with the world.

For me the most difficult part is remembering to try and put up a new post everyday five to six days each week. It is important because it helps get my name out there and the consistency means people can count on having something new to read everyday. I am working on it but like everything else in my life right now it is a work in progress.

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