Saturday, April 2, 2016

Breathe - Excerpt From Upcoming Book

Today I have chosen another book to excerpt. This is from one of the projects I have printed out and will be editing shortly. This book is called Breathe. I hope you enjoy it!

“Ok, lets play a little game shall we?” He laughed. It was a knowing laugh without even a spark of humor. It was the worst sound she had ever heard but she was certain that was about to change.
“A game?” She squeaked it out. “How is a game going to prove I care about people?”
Just then she heard a click behind her left ear. She didn’t turn around. She didn’t need to. It was the sound of someone removing the safety on a gun. Her father had been a marksman in the military and had a collection of handguns when she was growing up. She would never have mistaken that sound.
“I am going to ask you about these people you claim to care about. If you get it right we won’t shoot them, but if you get it wrong, they die. Pretty simple don’t you think?” Her heart stopped. He was right, he had been there much longer than she had and he had to know tons of information about them she couldn’t possibly know. He was going to kill them and make it her fault.
“If you ask me things from before I got here I have no way of knowing them. You just want to blame me for their deaths.” He seemed to consider this for a moment.
“Its fine I will only ask you about the last year. You should know all sorts of things for the last year. And if you really cared and had gotten to know them well the timeline wouldn’t really matter anyway.”

A quick peek out of the corner of her eye showed the soft glint from the barrel of the gun as it was eased closer. She steeled herself, preparing for him to hit her but he didn’t. He simply took a firing stance and waited for the game to begin.

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