Friday, April 1, 2016

Annora - Excerpt From An Upcoming Story

Andorra is a character that has been patiently waiting. This is a very rough excerpt from her upcoming story. Trigger warning this is a sensitive subject.

Every muscle ached from lying on the stone floor of her cage. The dim light coming through the cracks in the door showed just enough for Annora to know she was being held underground somewhere. How had it come to this? She had been fighting for her freedom for the last nine years but no matter how hard she tried she always seemed to end up hidden further from the world than she had been before.

            She sat down on the floor. She scrawny dust covered legs pulled up to her chest. Lowering her forehead to her knees she sighed. She would give anything to be able to cry but she ran out of tears years ago. She resigned herself to the blackness as she closed her eyes. So many questions tried to cross her mind but the cynical part of her refused to allow them to gain any friction. Where was she? It didn’t matter. Who was keeping her here? They were all the same so once again the who did not change anything about what would happen to her now.

            She was alone. That was the only thing she could count on. She could try to fight but that would just get her beaten in the end. She had been a prisoner since she had been sold into this life by her own step-father almost a decade ago. The face changed but what they wanted rarely did. Her captors would use her, beat her and then sell her to the next highest bidder. That was her life. What was the point in hoping for more at this point? She had no reason to try any longer. She knew she was going to live this life until she was no longer worth anything to them.

            She tried to remember a time when she felt happy. A chill ran through her but she wasn’t sure if it was a breeze coming through the door or from the emptiness inside her soul. Annora was alone. She had been alone for so long. She was on the verge of simply giving up entirely when she heard a noise coming from the other side of the door. A girl was crying. She sounded young. She sounded like Annora when she first arrived. Annora stood up and went to the door. For the first time in years she felt tears sting the corners of her eyes. She wasn’t alone anymore.

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