Sunday, April 10, 2016


Being a writer is amazing but it is different than the stereotypical picture most people have of what being a writer actually means. The day dream we are fed through books, television shows and movies is of a rich writer whose sips expensive coffee drinks while lounging in their expansive houses and reading classic literature day to day and going on sold out book tours that welcome them with open arms and send them out with a roaring ovation.

While there are those celebrity authors that would incite a crowd by showing up and signing copies of their latest book most of us lead lives of quiet desperation. We spend our days procrastinating and planning events, releases, epic moments and then staring at the black page that will hopefully someday contain the magical words that will make the rest of our plans more of a reality.

We don't sip the expensive Italian lattes instead we down copious amounts of regular coffee. We read book after book devouring the inspiration but usually in our tiny corners instead of lounging in our personal libraries. We pour our hearts and souls into our work though many times we hide from the actual writing for long periods of time as we perfect the art of procrastination.

The one thing that is important to make sure you develop no matter whether you are a starving Indie author or a high paid professional is the ability to push through the blocks and desire to hide from our computers and make some dedicated time to write on a regular basis. Finding time, no matter how short, to write and keep a schedule is vital to continuing on and growing as an author. If you don't keep getting more words down on the page it is impossible to make all of those loft author dreams come true.

Even if your first book was to go on and become a best seller, one book will not make a career for you. You must find even just fifteen or twenty minutes each day to add to your current projects and let people know what work you have available so you can keep gaining in your reach and getting your name out there for readers to find you.

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