Friday, April 8, 2016

Face To Face Promotions

I recently read a book about working conventions and some of the best ways to sell your work when attending these venues. For me it is the preferred method because I am best in person where I can shake a hand, smile and talk to someone one on one. I love being with people and have no stage fright or social anxiety which makes that aspect easier for me.

The other reason I prefer the face to face as opposed to the online promotions is that I am not exactly tech savvy. I struggle to do more than post a status update and rarely think about taking pictures let alone posting them. My boyfriend is very good when it comes to pictures or video but I am afraid I fall significantly short in that realm.

In my review of Working he Table I gave a review of several of the things I have learned and how I am incorporating them into the shows I attend. I am thrilled to announce that I am teaming up with a number of other Indie authors to try and organize the largest show I have ever been a part of tentatively called Indie Author Con. It should be overwhelming, stressful and an amazing experience. I am looking forward to in immensely.

One of the biggest joys I have is that it gives me an excuse to go to as many shows and, conventions and conferences as my time and money will allow to learn from the others about what does and doesn't work in order to make our's as successful as possible. This time I will be responsible for more than just setting up a table and selling my books. I will in every aspect be selling myself and my abilities.

Many authors do not understand that when it comes to face to face promotions you are selling ourself as well as your work. You are doing the same online but I can do an author takeover online without brushing my hair or getting out of my sweats however when I attend a live event I make sure my table looks interesting and presentable and just as much focus is put on me and my appearance. I will be doing several more blog posts in the series on being marketable most of which has to do with in person presentation.

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