Friday, January 1, 2016

Reviewing 2015

In 2014 I felt quite successful with the release of my first novel, mini book tour and the release of my first charity book. I may have only released one novella in 2015 but overall I feel like the year was even more successful for me as a writer and looking toward the future.

The book that came out this year was the most difficult story emotionally I have ever had to write. I shared my past and bared my soul in order to try and reach others that may be going through something similar. That alone was tremendously satisfying but on top of that I was able to pull off a launch party for the book that far exceeded my expectations.

As many who read this blog are aware I work part time as a casino dealer at the Venetian Las Vegas and through their generous Sands Cares Department I was able to have a room donated to me for the celebration of my book. Celebrating with me on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip were friends and family but even more important was the incredible charity, The Shade Tree, that partnered with me for this exciting venture. Our raffle, book sales and donations passed our goal and made the night a success. We even got to end by walking outside to see all of the marquee signs lit up purple in honor of Shade Tree and Domestic Violence Awareness.

I attended a book festival making numbers contacts. I have learned about creating a business plan to keep me on track and accountable as I move forward and I exceeded my sales goals. I have also participated in a number of athletic challenges to raise money for great causes and collected stories for the next four editions of my charity series Rescue Me. One of the biggest highlights for Rescue Me was getting to meet Candice Jolly, the driver of the Monster Mutt Dalmatian truck and getting to se her choke up as she read the story of the sweet boys who named their service dog after her.

I have been very fortunate this year and cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store. To all my friends, family and readers I thank you for a great year and look forward to the future as we all take the leap into the next.

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