Friday, January 1, 2016

Building On The Past

Today is New Year's Day and like a large part f the rest of the world I have made my list of goals, or if you prefer resolutions, and will be doing my best to not lose my motivation as the days pass by. I have financial goals such as paying off some of the purchases made on credit cards and saving up for a few new items. There are health goals that because of my issues are quite basic such as not going to the hospital and achieving my goal of getting FMLA for job protection. I of course have fitness goals like dropping the last fifteen pounds and being able to finish an obstacle course without having to do the punishments for missing one of the challenges or riding an entire distance ride without having to stop other than the predesignated locations.

I also have writing, editing and publishing goals. I have five books that have either been started or have the first draft completed and by the end of the year I hope not only to have all of them edited but also submitted for consideration by agents and publishers. I have a list of three new books I want to draft this year and those will be part of the editing for 2017. I also would like to get the first draft of half of my children's books completed and finish gathering all of the stories I need to publish the next four books in my charity series Rescue Me. Gathering submissions is one of the more difficult parts because it relies on others to come up with stories and send them too me but I truly enjoy reading all of them and the charity aspect is the most important part for me when it comes to Rescue Me.

As I look over all of my goals for the coming months I can see that it will be impossible to stay on top of everything if I don't have a dedicated schedule but I also have to remember that set backs will happen. It is not what gets in your way but how you handle the obstacles that is important. From knowing that the first eight to nine weeks of the year the gym will be hell for parking, finding machines or pushing my way into classes to making time to learn how to do promotions and getting blog posts out after a long day of work.

The best thing I have going for me is a supportive team that will help me and though it is tempting to work hard each and every single day I know that can lead to burning out and I need one day at least to spend time with my friends and most importantly my boyfriend who has been an incredible manager and one of the best supporters I have even had. Having a work ethic is important but spending time with your loved ones is a far greater priority than any goal could be.

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