Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Profile - Crazy For You

I recently was the beta reader for my good friend Kate Marie Robbins and her book Crazy For You. This book is Kate's first attempt to do the romance thing and while there are of course editing issues being a rough draft the story itself was compelling, charming and one I couldn't put down. I finished it in a matter of hours. I will make the disclaimer for anyone that may not be ok with it, this is a same sex romance.

Sahara is a young girl spending her last summer before college trapped in a tiny town away from her friends and family. She is miserable and resents her parents for making her go especially when they themselves are not staying. However upon entering the diner across from the Bed & Breakfast her aunt owns doe encounters a girl, McKenna, that takes her breath away.

The girls become close friends but Sahara can never seem to find a way to tell her exactly how she feels. She also has no idea that McKenna herself is holding on to a rather large secret. The girls are extremely different in their upbringing and part of McKenna is jealous of her friends life but all the while Sahara is longing for the opportunity to tell her what is in her heart.

They take several adventures and you find yourself turning page after page hoping Sahara will get the courage to spill her emotions and that McKenna will be accepting. You read on and on to find out what McKenna is holding back and then find yourself holding your breath at the end when everything is finally revealed.

The story is touching, intriguing and a great afternoon read. I am so thrilled that Kate chose to share her work with me and I cannot wait until it is done with editing and is published so I can get my autographed copy.

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