Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book Profile - Asylum

Asylum is the first in a series by Madeleine Roux and I am absolutely in love with these books. I started reading the first one late in the afternoon and if I hadn't stopped for dinner and fallen asleep around three in the morning I would have completed this book the first day.

I was brought into the story of Dan and his friends as he joined a summer program for college prep. I myself went through a preparatory program though nothing like the one he was scheduled to attend. Not only did I not stay overnight in a dorm for several weeks but the dorms on the campus I attended were not housed in a closed down asylum.

It was an intense read that captured my imagination form the beginning and held my interest until the last page. I actually finished the book and within an hour I have already begun reading Sanctum, the second in the series. I checked on Amazon knowing that there was a third book which I went out and purchased as soon as I realized how quickly I was reading through them but I saw that she had two other books related to the series as well as additional titles I will be checking out as well. Her engaging style and descriptive storytelling have made her one of my new favorite authors.

From Amazon -

Madeleine Roux's New York Times bestselling Asylum is a thrilling and creepy photo-illustrated novel that Publishers Weekly called "a strong YA debut that reveals the enduring impact of buried trauma on a place." Featuring found photographs from real asylums and filled with chilling mystery and page-turning suspense, Asylum is a horror story that treads the line between genius and insanity, perfect for fans of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, the New Hampshire College Prep program is the chance of a lifetime. Except that when Dan arrives, he finds that the usual summer housing has been closed, forcing students to stay in the crumbling Brookline Dorm—formerly a psychiatric hospital. As Dan and his new friends Abby and Jordan start exploring Brookline's twisty halls and hidden basement, they uncover disturbing secrets about what really went on here . . . secrets that link Dan and his friends to the asylum's dark past. Because Brookline was no ordinary mental hospital, and there are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.

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