Monday, January 18, 2016

Excerpt from Survivor

“I don’t know about her weekend but she seems fine I guess. We are good I talked to her in homeroom and then spent all day hanging out with her in class until she left for dance team practice.” Georgia couldn’t believe that her daughter had neglected to mention that she had spent time with her best friend. The girls were like sisters but the introduction of one boy had changed all that. Deep in her heart she felt bad for Kelly. She knew the girls both had other friends as well but they were practically inseparable.

“I am just surprised you didn’t mention talking to her since I know you had that argument on Friday. I would have thought that would be the first thing you told us.”

“It is great we are done fighting mom, but seriously how can you think that would be anywhere near as important as Tyler’s present?” Jasmine shook her head. Her parents were so clueless. She didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Somehow her parents couldn’t understand that Tyler was and had to be the biggest part of her life. He was a wonderful guy with lots of girls chasing him as he had pointed out so she had to be good enough to keep him. “I am just going to go get started on my homework.”

Jasmine left the kitchen without waiting for a response. Her mom was stunned. She hadn’t considered the conversation over and it wasn’t like Jasmine to be so shut down. She loved to talk to both her parents granted her dad found a subject they both had enough similar knowledge to discuss. Yet the moment she brought up something other than her new boyfriend Jasmine had gotten defensive and vague. It was simply not like her.

Georgia washed the dishes deep in thought. In the living room her dad watched as Jasmine wandered through heading back upstairs to her room. He hadn’t heard the conversation in the kitchen but he could tell something had happened. Jasmine’s usually happy bouncy demeanor was somehow dampened. She walked with her head down looking at the ground. Her shoulders slumped forward slightly giving the impression she was trying to be invisible. He observed her as she ascended the stairs not looking away until she turned at the landing walking out of sight.

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