Monday, January 4, 2016

Character Profile - Jack the Ripper

I know it seems odd to be using a famed and faceless serial killer as the character I am profiling for this week but for one of the books I will be writing this year Mother Said No "Jack" is the focal point. Like millions out there I have an extreme fascination with one of the most notorious serial killers that ever lived. I have read about him in numerous books and watched shows anytime I see them on television. I even took in the Jonny Depp movie From Hell because it covered that particular subject. I started thinking, like many I am sure, about just who Jack could possibly have been.

I will make the disclaimer now that no, I have not dedicated years of research to my theory. I have not flown to London and toured the fames streets that so many years ago ran red with the blood of the butchered. I simply had an idea that I thought would make an interesting book and give a different twist to just who Jack may have been.

For me the book is actually a look at the psychology behind Jack and the murders. It examines the motivations as well as the crimes and while the idea is sound and the characters are ripped from the history books themselves I will still be doing a great amount of research for this novel. I want to order a map of the area from that time frame and will be going back to read about the crimes again examining the information as though I am studying for a final exam.

The Whitechapel area has changed dramatically as has the cit of London and the entire world for that matter but "Jack" still remains relevant and discussed today. I am taking a risk by writing my own version of the events of 1888 but I am confident between my research and creative thinking I will be able to create a story that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the novels on the subject. I have a lot of work in front of me but I am eager to get started and make my mark and share my personal possibility in this world renowned mystery.

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