Saturday, September 26, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Since I ran out of time yesterday I will be putting up both Friday's marketing tips post as well as a second post for Saturday doing another profile for a character or book. This post is about marketing though and while it is a topic I do know somewhat well, I even got my degree in marketing, there is a world out there I still feel like I have yet to properly explore.

I have been on Facebook for over a decade and before that I had a Myspace page. I wasn't very active on Myspace because I came to it quite late and just as the Facebook craze was beginning. Still it has been nearly half my life that I have been a part of the social media world in some capacity or another. One would think that I would have had ample time to browse the various types, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and so on but I still struggle with the oldest one out there. I only made a dedicated page for my work a year and a half ago. I created my Twitter account the same time and I have never looked at Instagram or Linked In.

I am a novice in every sense of the word so why am I bothering to try and give advice? It is more that I want people to understand that there are those of us out there so that if they are more fluent in the language of social media than perhaps they may be willing to help walk us through things that come second nature to them with the understanding and patience required or for others like myself to know that they are not alone.

Because technology controls the universe in a very real way now and the goal of most marketers is not only to keep and maintain a high level of quality with current repeat customers but to establish new ones as well especially the younger market it is a requirement that we speak their language. We must band together and learn this new technological language that is as foreign to many of us as the classes most of us were forced to take in high school. This is not for a grade however but for the future of our business. Whether you are a contractor, a dentist, an artist or an author like myself, growing our reach and following the newest trends must be on the to do list for each and every one os us.

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