Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Promotion - Never Give Up

Today is book promotion day and with Survivor coming out in just days I wanted to take a moment and share my debut novel Never Give Up. This book was a major learning experience for me. I have progressed so far since this one was published but I am beyond proud of it because it was my first. It took me over a decade to draft it, another two years to find a publisher and there is no one out there that would say I have mastered the promotion process though I am learning day by day. It is a short one but here is the synopsis and cover of Never Give Up.

Akaylia "Kaylie" Reynolds had it all; a loving fiance, the talent of dance, and her very own solo, opening the summer recital, but everything changed after a night of celebration with Garrett. 

The accident should have been fatal, but miraculously, Kaylie lived. Living with the fact that she might not ever dance again, emotions take her on the ride of a lifetime, with what seems to be a downward spiral. While the police are looking for a culprit, Kaylie is stuck in a hospital bed, wondering what will become of her life or if she will even live.

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