Thursday, September 24, 2015

Learning Curve

How appropriate that today is all about my experiences in the writing world as I am desperately trying to learn the ropes of publishing through Createspace and Mobi and I have already encountered problems I have no idea how to address. I had planned to stay awake and doing everything tonight so that all I had to do was wait for the review to be completed once it was submitted however I am finding that having my editor do the formatting and then being unable to change things if needed. Granted she knows how to do the formatting and I have never attempted it before but being unable to adjust things if needed is making things complicated.

I know that there is still a tremendous stigma in the world for books that are self published. I myself an guilty of seeing some independently published work as somehow less than traditionally published. It is ridiculous of course but the idea is there nonetheless. If the author does the work getting the book edited and formatted correctly, having the story beta read for feedback about any shortcomings that may exist and taking the time to create a cover that is eye catching with an intriguing synopsis then it should not matter who it is that hits publish on the book.

I learned numerous parts of the publishing and promotion world since my debut novel hit the stands last April but it looks like I have significantly further to go. I am right now doing everything in my power to understand the requirements of Createspace as well as figure out why my computer will only let me open a limited number of files when all of them in a specific category should be available for my use. As I push on I am having to ask questions of my friend and editor through the realm of social media as well as wait until morning for my manager and boyfriend to look at the computer to straighten out the problems I am having viewing files I need.

It is important for me to understand how to do this part of the process in case I decide to take on more projects myself but right at the moment as the one o'clock hour dawns in the morning I am struggling to even stay awake let alone make my brain comprehend something so foreign to me. I look forward to a time when I am able to pass on knowledge like that that I am seeking now from others but at this point I will just continue to learn and share as I go so hopefully others with similar concerns will be able to use this blog as a resource.

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