Saturday, September 26, 2015

Book Profile - Survivor

Saturdays are another day for profiles of books or characters from those books. Today I have been hard at work on the launch event for Survivor so I figured it would be the best one to showcase. So here is the synopsis for my upcoming novella Survivor.

When Jasmine goes to a party with her best friend she has no idea what to expect. She is only a sophomore after all. Shortly after their arrival she catches the eye of the most handsome but she has ever seen. She is overwhelmed by his attention soaking up every moment as the most envied girl there. He is the man of her dreams.

            Or is he truly a nightmare? Jasmine’s best friend sees a dark side to Tyler Winegard and cannot understand why Jasmine is so blind to it. As the relationship deepens Jasmine finds herself having to fight to prove her love to him as he becomes more demanding and controlling with each passing day. Can she bring back the attentive sweet and charming boy she fell for or will he steal everything from her including her sanity and her life?

Short and simple. It is based on a true story, my story of fighting back against domestic violence from someone I thought cared for me. It is very personal and important to me but I am touched by how many people that I have talked to and they have not only wanted to thank me and the other authors for writing about such a painful but increasingly important topic in today's society. It means so much to see how people are responding to us sharing our experiences and to know that our desire to increase awareness is working.

We are proud not only of our survival but that we are making connections we had never anticipated. I hope people will be able to understand how difficult it was and the continuing struggles not only for us but those like us who are in different stages of their journeys. 

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