Thursday, September 3, 2015

Live Events

I have talked several times about the importance of not only being a writer but as a writer also being a promoter. I struggle in the technological realm doing promotions on social media and creating tools like teasers or promotional videos. I am learning everyday but it is a low and arduous process to say the least. It could be said that I live in the past thinking of the prime time of the traditionally published author, that I fantasize about book tours and highly publicized signings but as we all know they are extinct like the dinosaurs.

Well almost extinct. I am not one to give up even when every fiber of my being is screaming that I cannot succeed. I still believe in live events and shaking the hands of those that buy and read my books. I want to share moments and speak to my readers and so I am doing everything I can to find ways to get not only my books but myself in front of the people that matter. Last summer I held a book signing that went very slowly. For most it would have been discouraging but I kept a small notebook of anything that seemed to go right and everything that went wrong. I wrote down how many people said they were coming compared to the number that showed. The day and time were important factors as well as the advertising or lack thereof.

That was in June. Then I made a plan to go back to my hometown for a couple signings and after contacting several places I was able to land four events. While it is true that the large majority were friends or family I still felt accomplished. I also, as my last signing, had a booth at a craft show over a weekend. There I was able to work on my ability to sell by interacting more with those that walked by, I learned the tremendous importance of swag and promotional items as more importantly I was able to make some sales to people that did not know me. They were drawn in either by some of the marketing efforts I had made or by the set up of the table but either way it meant I was moving in the right direction.

Now I am thrilled to be accomplishing something even greater. My next book, a novella called Survivor, is being released in October. That is the month for domestic violence awareness and that is what the story is dedicated to as well. I got it in my head to take on the Herculean task of partnering with a well known organization as a chance to raise money and awareness for them and their cause while also launching my name and the visibility of the book at the same time. Once I had secured their blessing I made the chances even more slim by setting my sites on a famous location. But somehow it happened. I am partnering with The Shade Tree of Las Vegas and holding my event at the Venetian Hotel & Casino. Not only that but it is a donated event because they believe in what I am doing.

So many people tell me that things like that are impossible or a waste of effort but to them I say it is only impossible if you don't try. I believed and my faith reached them as well. While I may admittedly be using the event for a tiny bit of personal gain in the respect that it helps my notoriety it will simply be a platform through which I can continue to help not only with Survivor but also Rescue Me, my animal charity series. Most incredibly I cannot wait to see the people that come out to say hello and get to thank them in person for believing it was possible.

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