Monday, September 28, 2015

Character Profile - Lucasta Syntel

For years I have enjoyed participating in the annual writing challenge called Nanowrimo. The first year I chose to try I completed a novel called Never Give up which became my debut story published last year. The following year I did not participate but then again the next year I wrote Breathe, a romance novel currently in editing. Last year I took on a darker novel called Welcome to Syn and is the story of a woman and her seven daughters living during the era of the Salem Witch Trials. It was the first book that I not only was able to get in touch with a character but the mother Persyphone actually took control and told me her story in a very vivd way.

Each of the daughters have qualities that relate to one of the seven deadly sins and the eldest Lucasta is just begging for me to tackle her story for Nano this year. She has some stiff competition with both a dark thriller that is the first of a two book set as well as a vampire novel and a story about human trafficking all vying for attention in my mind but Lucasta has her charm and has made a strong case. We will see if she wins out but she is a complex girl to be sure and would make an excellent topic.

Lucasta Syntel is eighteen years old and engaged to the son of the head of the town council in Tyler Mass. Tyler is just a few short miles from Salem where Lucasta's grandparents live. Her father was killed tragically on the family farm and his parents who never approved of her mother rejected Lucasta and her sisters from the outset therefore their only interaction is at his funeral at the beginning of Welcome to Syn. She is very much in love with Hunter Williamston though his parents, while feared in the town, are extremely disliked. Lucasta plans to marry Hunter but hopes he will appreciate her more simple tastes instead of dragging her into the entitled world of the wealthy that he has been brought up to expect.

She stands closely by her mother's side as she handles the loss of Michael her husband and the girls' father. She becomes mom part two to her younger sisters helping look after them so that Persyphone can manage the home and farm in order to keep the family together and safe. When another tragedy happens at the farm Lucasta joins her mother in hunting down the culprit that seems bent on destroying their family. When they discover the conspiracy plan that has been set in motion the girls must flee for safety. In her own story Lucasta will lead the charge against those that came together to ruin the Syntels and using the power of her sin Wrath she will bring at least one of the men that hurt her family to justice.

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