Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Rescuers

I have been enjoying the holidays and the creative process of making my holiday treats for the past few weeks. I have spent time with family and friends while of course having to make time for the obligation of my jobs as well. Yet overall I can say it has been a wonderfully relaxing time.

Now I am looking toward the new years as most do when we reach the last week or two of December. I no longer make resolutions though I am always working on a list of goals to accomplish. I posted within the last week of some of the categories I focus on when making these goals such as health and wellness, writing and publishing and as nearly everyone I know financial.

The one I am focusing on right now however is the writing, editing, submitting and publishing category. I have dreamed for years of becoming a successful writer. For me that simply means I can produce quality work that people are interested in reading and it makes enough money to help keep me from having to work a second job.

I am proud of the fact I have completed three full length novels through the November writing challenge known as Nanowrimo. I feel more comfortable creating stories of that length though over the past year I have submitted for a few anthologies and even created a short story based on a character from one of my current works. I would like to do more short stories and collections in the future as well.

The short story Survivor that I wrote however was intensely personal and caused a very dramatic emotional breakdown. It was based strongly on the story of how I first got PTSD. What I went through I did not register at the time but having to relive it was a powerful and terrible experience. The novel involving Jasmine, the character in Survivor is called Sharing Strength and has not been completed yet. It is one of two I am working on simultaneously right now.

I have been in therapy and I have anti-anxiety medications I take when needed but I also have four wonderful secret weapons that help calm me down when I am struggling. Many people have therapy dogs, I have four beautiful therapy cats. They cuddle with me and their warm purring brings me back to earth. They are all rescues and my heart and soul. I will be relying on them deeply as I go into this book with the finish line in sight. They rescued me, who helps you?

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