Saturday, December 20, 2014


As a writer I can say that everyday has the ability to be a creative day for me. I make up characters, design stories and do my best to take readers on a journey with their heads as well as their hearts. I love that part of my life and push to be more involved with it each and every day. However it is not the only way I create.

When I was young I dreamt of being an artist. I wanted to sculpt, paint, sketch and build but as it turns out I have a dramatic lack of natural talent nor the eye for such innovations. I had a potter's wheel, paints and canvas as well as clay, easels, brushes even legos and an erector set but everything sat staring at me with no communication for inspiration.

I then took to the stage where while my lack of talent was diminished slightly in the realm of acting I did have a shine for dance. I studied ballet for many years while darling in various forms of ballroom, lyrical and jazz. I even had a few misadventures in tap though that one, quite happily for my parents, never truly caught on. Still it was a world I lived in for a long time and was happy to call it home.

While dance satisfied my performance art desires there was still the part of me that wanted to create something tangible. I needed to make something I could show off for my friends and family and that they could enjoy with me. That is when I got more into my family holiday tradition of making chocolate candy. 

I have been creating the basic solids and suckers since I was a very young. As I got older we taught ourselves to make cremes, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cherries and my personal favorite to make are the caramel turtles. I paint with the different colored chocolate make the shells and fill them then create gift boxes for those that I love. As the years have gone on I have developed even more in my candy skills as well.

In the picture at the top there are two of my favorite creations, a three dimensional tree with each layer filled with a different type of creme or other surprise. The other is also three dimensional and is a sleigh complete with chocolate bows inside to represent presents. The last few years I have also gotten into tempering my chocolate to give it a better luster for presentation sake. 

What do you do to bring out your creative side?

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