Monday, December 15, 2014

Internal Control

Yesterday I wrote about my struggles to focus on my writing when I am constantly being distracted by other hobbies and obligations. I deal with this A.D.D. everyday and it can make my desire to become a successful writer extremely difficult. I do want to become a success and I am trying as hard as I can to make connections as well as set up events in order to make that happen.

While I have my obligations such as day jobs and my distractions like the hobbies I discussed yesterday I find that as I am staring into the tragedy that is my office I have even more concerns holding me back. I hope I am not alone in some of these as I may seek a writer support group after I am done.

Concern number one is simple, I am exceptionally unorganized. I will create a system that works temporarily but because I love to write in various locations at at differing times of day having the office set up a certain way becomes unnecessary and in many ways hindering to me. I enjoy a sort of organized chaos but it is difficult to manage and therefore evolves into a constant state of updating and I dedicate time to the files and organization of the office instead of my writing.

The second worry is promotion. I am still in the very early stages of learning how to best promote myself and my work and while I of course can craft words to convey a message, I am working as a writer after all, I am far better in person when it comes to making a connection. I have always enjoyed shaking hands, putting on presentations and even public speaking. I am a performer at heart and I can find common bonds well when speaking to people making them not only comrades in business but usually friends on a more personal level as well.

The last and greatest concern I face is the writing itself. Once I get past the time needed for promotion and I have my office in a working state for the time being I find myself lost in a sea of half crafted ideas and vocal characters all screaming from different stories to be heard simultaneously. I feel torn as I try to give each of them time and I write out the outlines and create project lists on my whiteboard. I read and research and when I sit down to work on one piece of another finally I find that inevitably that will be the set of characters that have gone quiet.

I am learning and I am working very hard to manage this but I wonder, do any other authors experience these issues as well?

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