Saturday, December 27, 2014


I have been watching a show called Trip Flip recently where a Travel Channel personality named Burt wanders around convincing people to randomly say yes to adventures of a lifetime. I am beyond envious of the people on the show and it makes me want to go out and create my own adventures. I came up with the idea of starting an interactive adventure blog and youtube show that would capture me doing all kinds of interesting and challenging things around the world.

I wanted to involve the adventure of Trip Flip, the interactiveness of people challenging me like Man vs Food and my own love of travel and writing. I am not sure however if it is a workable idea at the moment seeing as how I have no start up capital to fund the trips and adventures though if I see I have a backing I will work on ways to fund raise and get going. 

I do have the heart of an explorer. I made a list of numerous activities I could do to get started and then would take on challenges from followers as well. Some of the things I have done but would love to do again include skydiving, snorkeling the Whitsunday Islands and Caribbean, surfing, rock climbing rappelling among others. I love to explore and want to experience things all over the world. There is, however, one glaring concern from family and friends in this endeavor.

I am tremendously ambitious but equally clumsy. Case in point is that just a few days ago on Christmas afternoon I went sledding for the first time in years. As I jumped onto the saucer for the first hill I felt the cold of the snow biting at me through my thin knit gloves. The wind dancing through my hair and I could see my breath coming out in puffs of steam. I also realized, much too late, that I could see a dip with an icy ledge at the bottom of the hill.

I attempted the maneuver any child of snow is taught at a young age, roll to the side then retrieve the sled after it stops. I was moving too quickly to make it off though and I hit the ledge on the right side of my body with brutal force. I lost my left shoe, hat and phone in the impact and then lost consciousness for a few seconds as well. I have a severe concussion and so am resting while I write. As I recover I question my desire to take on dangerous activities but they are in my heart and as I am writing one of my current stories it occurs to me that I can use the sensations I experienced from sledding as part of a car crash scene.

Everything in my life as always found a way to inspire another aspect as well. I am looking forward to getting some of my current projects wrapped up so I may take on the next challenge. Who knows maybe that adventure blog is still waiting in the wings.

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