Saturday, September 20, 2014


Because I have always written things either entirely from my imagination or based on events from my own life I have never done a lot of research. Now with two projects in the next year that have elements of history and in one case intertwines with true events I have to nail not only the story but also the details.

One book I have always wanted to do is a twist on Jack the Ripper. I cannot describe the book and twist without giving away a major element but the most important parts for me will be the timeline and accuracy with the language. I also have to make sure that I have the complete background of all of the crimes in order to make sure my theory is believable.

I have read a few accounts of Jack the Ripper and will be going back through them as well as getting a map of the area accurate to the time in order to keep my information on track as much as possible. I also intend while completing my research to develop character profiles that are in depth and honest not the time period and to the story. It will be one of my most involved works to date.

The other is going to be the only story that I can say will most likely be more involved than the Jack the Ripper twist. I will be creating a completely fiction series that is eight books long and is set during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. While the stories are fictional and the sequence is only set during that time it is still necessary that I make the setting true to the time as well as the language.

There are elements that I have to examine in order to make sure that someone familiar with the period wouldn't find out of place and because there is also a fantasy element to the stories as they involve witch craft I intend to research that aspect as well. I will have to decide if I want to include pieces of information from observed forms of the craft or if I will be creating my own form. In the event that I create my own I will still have to understand rules and beliefs that are involved.

The only reason I believe that this will be more involved is because I have a combination of both reality and imagination but also because of the length of the series. I have never written a series before let alone a progressive one that involves characters existing within several books but each in turn having their own dedicated story. I look forward to getting to watch as everything comes together for both of these stories.

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