Thursday, September 25, 2014

Excerpt from Breathe

Breathe is one of my current works that is being edited and rewritten right now. I am excited about this story because this is the first story to come completely from my imagination. I am looking at multiple publishing possibilities for this project. I look forward to seeing what people think.

Kelsey took the outstretched hand and allowed herself to be lead back into the hospital and up to the fourth floor where Daniel was sitting up in bed watching the door expectantly. His smile lit up the room when she walked in and he tried to raise his arms in a waiting hug. He quickly lowered the left arm as he winced in pain from where they had just removed the bullet, but the smile remained.
She walked over unsteadily but as soon as she was by his side she sat down into the curve of his arm and he wrapped her in a side bear hug. She had planned to go sit in the chair next to the bed but he didn’t let go so she shifted her weight and sat next to him with her legs stretched out next to his and her head on his shoulder. They sat there for a moment breathing in each other and enjoying the feeling of being together when his sister felt the need to break the silence.
“So when did this happen?” She pointed back and forth between them. She was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself but also completely curious. “You tell me everything Danny. Why haven’t you mentioned Miss Kelsey before?”
He leaned his cheek down against her head and then turned and kissed her forehead. Stroking her arm he looked thoughtfully and the nosy woman sitting across from him. “I just met her yesterday Diana.”
“Really and this close already huh?” she wasn’t buying the just met explanation. She leaned back, never taking her eyes off her brother. “And how does that happen exactly?”
“If you must know I tried to rescue her. You don’t recognize her?” Diana shifted her gaze to Kelsey and examined her for a minute. Her eyes grew wider as it dawned on her that yes she did in fact know who Kelsey was.
“You are the girl from the bank robbery yesterday. They showed your picture one the news. What the hell happened anyway?”
Before she could answer Daniel raised a hand. “Diana you know you don’t get to know about ongoing investigations. Once everything is wrapped up we can tell you all about it. Until then you will just have to know that yes she was there and that is how we met. I don’t need any judgment from you either.”
“Judgment? Why would I judge? You have known each other less than a day and you are already in bed together?” She laughed as she said the last part, obviously enjoying the way it made him blush. “I am just teasing Danny. You can do whatever you want with whomever you want. You’re a big boy.”
“Yeah I will believe it when I see it,” he murmured as he leaned down and kissed Kelsey on the head again.
“Ok well I am going to leave you two love birds, or whatever birds you are,” she laughed again, “alone for a bit. I promised I would call mom and dad and let them now you were ok.”
She left before either of them had a chance to respond. Kelsey snuggled a little closer against him and tried not to look up. When she finally did she saw he was looking at her with concern. It was almost funny that he was the one that had just gone in for surgery and yet he was concerned about her. “What is it? Why do you look so sad?”
She really didn’t want to answer, she didn’t want to put the idea in his head and have him realize it was true, that them being together was crazy but she knew she had to tell him. “Your sister is right. You know she is. We don’t even know each other. It was just the intensity of the moment that made us feel so strongly.”
“Is that how you feel? You don’t think there is anything between us and this is all just going to pass and we will just walk away and forget?” He looked so hurt.
“I think there is a connection. I felt it yesterday the second I saw you, but it is crazy isn’t it?”

“So what if it’s crazy. I want to get to know you and to be a part of your life and I know I want you to be in my life. I want to protect you and take care of you.”

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