Friday, September 19, 2014

A Story Within A Story

I have been outlining my new romance novel and as often happens I got stuck. I have a deadline for the rough draft and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't get the characters to open up for me but now that I have I am thinking it will be a long relationship.

Jessica is the main character and I tried to get her to talk to me but she held back. I worked to coax her out of her shell but all I knew about her was that she had recently relocated to a small town to open a candy shop.

I was also aware that there is a guy in the town that falls for her named Charlie. He is very romantic and cares about her deeply but he can't figure out what is hiding inside her. It frustrates him and it hurts him to want so badly because he wants to rescue her.

I eventually was able to get Jessica to open and I can honestly say I was surprised by how much she revealed. She had been so quiet but once she started talking it was like opening the flood gates. Her back story that she had guarded from me ended up being almost enough to be its own book entirely. I felt for her, I understood her and I loved being her confidant.

She may not have had a dramatic life but she is very real and the heartache she suffered hit home for me. I am hoping that through not only this book but additional books in the series my readers as well as I will be able to get to know her even better. My deepest wish is that she finds the happiness she so richly deserves and that with her talent she finds a way to share whatever joy she finds.

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