Sunday, August 10, 2014

Never Give Up excerpt

                  Tossing and turning in her limited mobility, Kaylie drifted through a semi- conscious world, trying to get a firm footing and understand what was happening around and to her. In this parallel plane, she was up and walking, but only through still scenes of her nightmarish night. Every glaring detail was illuminated by the spotlight of her memory. Strolling past the shot of the man climbing into the back seat with her, she felt her skin crawl again.
                  She attempted to pause, but her dream itself kept moving forward. She passed the scene of him yelling at the driver and her pressed against the door. She wanted to go back, but the magnetism of the dream propelled her on. She could feel her sleeping body aching from the tossing and her mental state shake from the image coming into view.

                  There, she could see with horrifying clarity the moment the gun had gone off; the flash from the muzzle, the shattering window, and the driver being thrown into the steering wheel. She wanted desperately to turn away, to run away. It was incredible, but she needed to escape. It compared only to the actual moment now frozen in time before her.

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