Monday, August 25, 2014

Excerpt from new romance novel - first in a series

He had seen her around for the past several months. He couldn't figure out what it was but there was just something about her. She would smile but there was a sorrow still hiding in her eyes. She would talk to those around her yet she always seemed to have preplanned her words.

She was guarded and that made him want to protect her but he wasn't even sure what he would be protecting her from. All he knew was that her smile lit up his world and melted his heart. He had kept his own heart locked away behind a metaphorical barrier for years. He believed if he never let anyone in then he would never suffer rejection or loss.

He steeled himself from the world putting on a friendly face but never letting anyone get within arm's length. No one that is until Jessica. She would ask questions and he would search the far reaches of his brain to be the one with the answer. She would wave and he would wave back even if it wasn't meant for him. And, he knew he kept coming back to it, there was that smile.

Her teeth weren't perfect but in a strange way that is what made them perfect. She was a healthy weight but she definitely ate dessert. She wasn't a supermodel figure but still undeniably athletic. She had long brown hair that she almost seemed to hide in sometimes but the twinkle of her green eyes could catch the light from any angle and on the rare occasions she genuinely laughed, those eyes would dance like a kid on prom night.

She had moved to Ridgedale less than a year ago. While she had been noticed immediately in the sleepy town, very little was known about her past. She had just settled in and set up shop. In that sense it was actually quite literal, she was the owner and sole operator of the cake and candy shop in town and while she had been selling her sweets from her house recently she was in the process of opening the storefront and the entire town was eager to come and check it out.

Charlie couldn't wait to see what all she had to sell and he was hoping someday she would give him the chance to show what he had to offer has well. He could see through her eyes and into her soul and deep in that hidden heart of hers was a woman sweeter than the chocolates he was sure would make her famous.

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