Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Many sides of me

There are so many sides to my personality and I have often felt that that is why I became a writer. I have a happy fun loving side and I honestly believe that is what drives my charity book series Rescue Me. Animals make me and so many others happy and I want to find a way to give back to them and organizations that support them.

My love of performance, especially dance, was the birthplace for my novel Never Give Up. I, like Kaylie, suffered an injury that was dramatic and was given news that many things I had planned for my life would be off the table going forward. It became in a large sense a psychological autobiography.

There is most definitely a dark side to me that comes from several years of relationships that emotionally wore me down and in a few instances nearly killed me in every sense. Sharing Strength is a direct result of those experiences but they also push me to provide insight into the evil side of human nature. I believe that many of my characters either have a dark side or unhappy past and so much of that is based on the things I have survived in my own life.

The most important part of me though is my love and passion for life. I am a true romantic and emotional to a fault. I try to make my books have an ending that helps the main character find closure. They are not always happy go lucky but they serve a sense of justice. Annora's Story is an extreme example of justice while my new romance series is a far lighter look at love and romance and is based on those that have inspired my heart to skip a beat in my life. I am fortunate enough to have a man I love very much that loves me back and every time I see him smile I swear a new love story comes to mind.

I have branched out recently as well tapping into my love of family to continue work on a children's series that is greatly driven by my father and I plan to dedicate the majority of the books in the series to him. We never had the greatest of things in common but in my heart I was daddy's little girl and I miss him each and every day.

Another branch that has grown recently is the more whimsical one that is pushing me to try my hand at a more fantasy inspired series. I have never gone beyond reality as I find the real world fascinating all on its own but I have found magic intriguing and will be attempting to put elements of magic and witchcraft into the new books.

I cannot wait for my readers to get a sneak peek into the many sides of me.

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