Monday, June 9, 2014

Time Management

I have been struggling so much recently with the idea of time management. I am not the dedicated author that most of the writers I know are and because of the split focus it becomes vital that I learn how to set up a schedule I can stick to as well as a dedication to push through even when it is difficult.

I love writing and with so many projects I am perpetually finding inspiration and having breakthroughs with my different books. However I find many times that I have a book in mind that I want to work on but then it is characters from another project altogether that feel like being chatty. I have to try and get the right characters to talk when I am working on that particular story or I get frustrated and end up giving up for the day.

Aside from writing there is the need for marketing. I have my current book Never Give Up that I am working hard to promote but being that it isn't a popular genre I am having to reach beyond the current social media aspects I have developed to try and find new avenues to explore. This is harder then I imagined it would be though I have ideas for my charity book Rescue Me - Animal Anthology, my very emotional contemporary drama Sharing Strength and my upcoming children's series. It is just a matter of getting those finished and into the right hands.

I am also an active cyclist and sporadic athlete. Several years ago I was significantly heavier than I am now and it was effecting my health. I have lost a noticeable amount of weight and have taken to cycling as well as running 5Ks. I have taken up yoga and returned to dance classes as a way to stay active and it feels wonderful. I do however have to dedicate at least a few hours a week doing all these activities in order to stay on top of my game. I am currently in training for a triathlon for next fall as well as attempting the Spartan Race obstacle course next year.

On top of all these things I also work around my house helping to keep things clean and enjoy cooking, baking and of course my specialty artisan chocolates that I make. It is a fantastic hobby that fuels my creativity. It is also just as time consuming as going to the gym so I have to make sure that I don't lose track of the limited time I set aside for it.

Included in working around the house is the development of a landscaping plan and now the hands on approach I have decided to take in order to accomplish the transformation. I am out in the yard shoveling the rocks from my desert landscaping and measuring areas to figure out the best layout. I go to home improvement stores and nurseries to price and plan for the next steps as well.

Just to add a little more complication to all of these time draining activities I also hold down two different part time table game dealing jobs at a total of three different casinos along the Las Vegas strip. I keep myself in shape in order to stay a party pit dealer and fit in the skimpy uniforms as well as constantly challenge my mind by staying on top of the multiple games I deal at Venetian.

I love my job and am very fulfilled by my hobbies but I am often at a loss to figure out how I ever wrote my first book and am trying to teach myself to be more focused and dedicated so that I can finish the next several books. I know they are inside me and I am confident I can be successful I just need to find the time to make it happen.

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