Saturday, June 28, 2014

First signing

Last Friday afternoon I hosted my first book signing. It was wonderful to learn so much and have family and friends there to join me for such an awesome occasion. I have definitely learned that the time and day of the week are so important to the success of an event. I held my signing at an adorable bakery I love and the location was beautiful though it did not have a lot of foot traffic.

I had a sign made but to be displayed at the bakery but I never confirmed the location it would be placed. I now need to make sure that any advertisement is as visible as possible. I also had a notice in the local newspaper but I was unaware that it would only be listed in the online edition.

Finally I listed my event on facebook but because I was only able to reach a few people there was nowhere near the turn out we had hoped for. I am thinking that one of the largest things I need to focus on is this last item. I need to find ways beyond facebook to reach potential readers.

I am working on finding additional locations to hold events including both dance studios to keep with the theme of the book but also book stores and coffee shops. Once I have booked more locations I will make sure that the days are better for getting guests in and make sure that any print materials are displayed more prominently.

I am also working on word of mouth and asking anyone I know that reads my books to leave a review and recommend it to anyone they know that may enjoy reading something different. I will continue this learning experience and apply all new ideas and developments to future books as well.

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