Sunday, June 15, 2014

Outside the comfort zone

I have been writing drama and realistic fiction for most of my life. I am very comfortable with these genres and figured that I would always write in these areas. However not only are these not popular and currently sellable genres but I also have been thinking about writing abilities recently and it is widely understood that in order to grow you must push the envelope.

Being a woman with no children it is odd that I would choose to attempt to write a children's book. But I did, in fact I am finishing an entire series that not only is created for the children I don't have but it is also bringing honor and recognition to the single fathers in the world that step up for their children. People think that I should promote women and I take nothing away from mothers but I have tremendous respect for fathers as well and they are far less recognized.

I am also working to create an adult series involving witchcraft. I have never used an paranormal or supernatural elements in my writing so this will definitely be a leap for me. In an attempt to get started in that project I am doing my best to create a short story for an anthology in the theme of horror. I hope that the end result is an terrifying to the readers as the idea of the project is to me.

 I am thrilled to be testing my limits and hope that my readers will be honest and give me true feedback so that I can continue to grow as an author and a person.

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